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Convenient Flashlight can be Used as a Tripod Flashlight or Handheld Flashlight

The EdgeVantage 9-LED Tripod Flashlight is the perfect flashlight to have on hand for numerous circumstances! It's long enduring led lights will last approximately 100,000 hours. How many times have you grabbed a flashlight just to find out that the batteries were dead? You never will have to stress over that with this LED flashlight!

The LED Flashlight features a hassle-free tripod stand that truly sets it apart from other flashlights. The tripod stand allows you to rotate the light in any direction and allows you to cast a brilliant beam while keeping your hands empty. The tripod legs are wrap-able meanings you can use it in numerous innovative means. You can use the flashlight with or without the stand, relying on your need. The body of this flashlight is made out of aluminum for a resilient build.

This flashlight has a lot of terrific uses! It's perfect to take hiking and outdoor camping. It's wonderful to store in your vehicle in case of an emergency. This makes an excellent present for anybody who enjoys the outdoors or handy work. This long life and tripod functions of this flashlight truly make it a step above the traditional flashlight.

Over 50-Percent more vibrant than its predecessor, this LED Tripod Flashlight allows you to cast a focused beam of intense light to brighten any target while keeping your hands empty. With its flexible, wrap-able legs, the flash light will attach to just about anything, so you can use it in means you could never use a standard flashlight. Secure it to a tree-branch to brighten your camp kitchen, pop it under the car-hood when checking the engine, or detach it from the legs for a portable flashlgiht while going on a hike. Adapts to shine in any environment-your creativity is the only restriction.

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