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CASIO NP-20 Digital Camera Battery,CASIO NP-20 Battery

• Item Number : EDCS001K

• Chemistry : LI-ION

• Volts : 3.7V

• Capacity : 550mAh

• Dimension : 50.90x32.80x4.50mm

• Color : BLACK

• £ 7.11

CASIO NP-20 Battery -
CASIO NP-20 Digital Camera Battery
. If the CASIO np-20 digital camera battery has the same voltage as the original one, and there's only an amperage difference, there should be no problem with using compatible casio np-20 camera battery. Our replacement 3.7V, 550mAh, rechargeable, Lithium Ion
CASIO np-20 batteries
have more capacity, that's where the longer run time comes, we supply high quality low price OEM compatible CASIO np-20 battery with a 1 year quality warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

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