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Aluminum Rifle Cases vs Soft Firearms Cases

Many firearms owners today are switching from soft to aluminum rifle cases. Even common sense will tell you that some kind of hard, protective casing for any precision instrument is as important as the instrument itself. In the case of rifles, you have the added element of extreme danger. When you consider all the advantages of aluminum gun cases over any kind of soft case, it's almost a wonder that high quality hard cases are not required by law.

Purely from a practical standpoint, aluminum rifle cases stand head and shoulders above all other types of cases for rifles. Rifles are tough, but in order to keep them in pristine condition year after year, you need to keep them clean, dry and protected from hard knocks. Aluminum gun cases do all of these things for your rifle. The casing cannot absorb water, even through tiny cracks in the seams between the lid and the base. Dust doesn't have a chance of getting in and the high density foam interior lining cushions the rifle against impact.

Contrast this with a soft, zippered case. Leather absorbs water and if the case gets wet enough, moisture can get inside the case and damage your firearm. Even fully waterproof materials can't help you much if you're caught in a sudden downpour when you're out in the woods hunting. Water can find its way through the tiniest of openings and there are always weak spots in zippered cases. There are no weak spots in aluminum rifle cases.

It is obvious that no soft case can compare with an aluminum rifle case when it comes to protecting your firearms while you are traveling. When you're tramping through the woods with your rifle bag slung over your shoulder, it can easily swing against a tree or bang against a rock. The impact may not be severe enough to damage your rifle, but why take a chance? If you are carrying an aluminum gun case, your firearm or firearms are fully protected. This is doubly important if your rifle is fitted with a scope. Scopes are precision instruments and the tiniest miscalibration throws the sights off. No professional marksman would be foolish enough to store his guns in cases that did not fully protect his scope.

Aside from these practical considerations, you always need to keep gun safety uppermost in mind. While aluminum rifle cases are superior to soft firearms cases while they are being transported, does your rifle need that level of protection when it is being stored? After all, rifles are kept in some sort of storage far more often than they are being transported or used.

When storing a rifle, what you need to think about the most is security and here again, aluminum rifle cases are far superior to soft cases. Aluminum gun cases are virtually fully tamper proof. They have double locking systems and the latches cannot be pried open.

Is there any reason at all why you would choose to buy a soft case for your firearm? When you think about it, there is not. In every way, aluminum rifle cases are superior. Even cost is not a consideration, because they are inexpensive as well, and far outlast their soft counterparts.

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