Sytle Rifle

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How to Get the Buffalo Rifle in Red Dead Redemption

The Buffalo Rifle is a weapon featured in Red Dead Redemption. The Buffalo Rifle holds only one bullet, but it's the most powerful rifle in the game. Shooting all animals and NPC's in the head is a one shot kill. It does not kill the legendary animals with a shot to the head (especially the bear), but it will kill a boar. Shooting small game with the rifle, such as Skunks and Rabbits and any type of bird, (except vultures) will destroy the animal, but only if within a "20 foot" radius, rendering them to be unskinnable.



It can be purchased from any Gunsmith after surpassing Master Hunter Rank 5 (reaching Rank 6).


Buffalo Rifle is unlocked upon reaching Rank 50.

Killing a level 50 player with this weapon equipped will cause them to drop it.

Tips and Tricks

Be careful when using the Buffalo Rifle in Level 2 Dead-Eye Targeting mode as it is a one-shot rifle and painting the target in any location will cause Marston to fire it off right away. Also, firing without painting a target in Dead-Eye will make the player go out of Dead-Eye as soon as the shot is fired, unlike the Rolling Block Rifle.

With the legendary animals, it may take two shots to the head instead of the one for everything else.

A useful trick is to repeatedly go in and out of Dead-Eye while firing the Buffalo Rifle, as this increases the rate of fire because of Dead-Eye's effect of refilling the ammo in the player's clip.

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