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FID card restrictions question in MA?

In Mass a FID card is meant for non large capacity (less than 10 rounds) rifles and shotguns. My question is are there any restrictions on the caliber of the weapon I could purchase? I was under the assumption that I would only be able to purchase a .22, but after more research I'm a little bit confused. Does anyone know the current laws regarding what weapons I could purchase with only a FID? Thanks in advance. FYI I'm 20

BOY....I THOUGHT KALIFORNIA WAS STRICT! OK, The FID Card is broken down into four (4) classes. There is NO mention of ammunition. However, I am SURE that No One in Mass. could purchase a .50 cal BMG or a Thompson Machine Gun...Yea! (Federal law 1968 on the Thompson)
Here are the 4:
1) Class A (Over 21 y.o.) license to carry a handgun, shotgun, and or rifle (no restrictions on magazines/ammo)
2) Class B (18-21 y.o.) license to carry handgun, shotgun, and or rifle (10 rounds or less)
2a) Class A and B also include that the state "May" issue this license
3) 18y.o.or 15 y.o. with parent signature rifle and shotgun (10 rounds or less) "Shall" issue
4)FID Card Restricted; you can only carry mace or pepper spray

I hope this helps. This applies to Mass. residents only

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