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Web offset Printing Machines: The Process Each Press Undergoes

Web offset printing machines have become extremely popular among those who are looking forward to print some real fabulous stuff. These are also one of the most used printers among print industries. It is charismatic effect produced by these machines that you get to enjoy while reading magazines and brochures. Almost all catalogues are created via using web offset printing machines. This is also the reason that the quality of these prints is praiseworthy.

Almost all writers, designers and editors possess great interest in participating in the creative process of printing. This gives them the much needed creative satisfaction. This is also the reason that they do not want to compromise on the quality of printing. The publications that get printed should be of top quality. Printing can also be referred to as an amazingly fascinating process that involves humungous high-speed machines. These machines are capable of using up to 2,000-pound paper rolls. Other important things used in printing machines include metal plates, computers, sharp knives and rubber blankets.

A typical print piece usually initiates with a creative process. The main role of magazines, brochures and flyers creation is of editors, writers, graphic designers and creative artists. A team of these professionals work many months in advance prior to actually releasing a publication. All the topics for articles are finalized in advance. There are many strict guidelines that need to be met. The basic role of editor is to make the end process of the printing successful and attractive to users. Graphics are created soon after the text is created. Once the text has been developed, graphics are created. Another most important process is the color drawing process. This is the final process that offers the best of printing that gives a nice color to the magazine or publication medium.

Finest pieces of art are built together to make the magazine look great. The pieces are thereafter sent electronically to the graphic design director. This is used to create wonderful graphic design. This makes the advertising section attractive and practical for the users. This is one of the most important elements of a magazine of catalogue.

Here are some of the most important processes of printing:

• Offset lithography

• Engraving

• Thermography

• Reprographics

• Digital printing

• Letterpress

• Screen

• Flexography

• Gravure

Offset lithography is actually the main workhorse of printing. It would not be wrong to say that every commercial
web offset printing machine
does it.

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