Harris Bipod

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What size bipod should I get?

I bought a Remington 597 the other day and I want to get a bipod for it. I was looking at Harris bipods but I don't know if I want to spend that much money. If I do I'm gonna get the model with the notches.

What height bipod should I get?(ex.9" to 13")
I will probably use it for prone shooting. I live in PA.

I live in PA too. and i have a harris bipod that is 9' - 13' and it is to high for prone i use it for sitting. I would go for the notched 6"-9" i have used both and for prone i liked the 6"-9" plus if you ever want to do some bench shooting you have to sit up really straight to use the 9-13 and more of a pain in the a*s then anything. And harris bipods are well worth there money!

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