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List of Top 10 Best,most popular Search Engines in the World-2011

Search engines are the very potent websites on the Internet for all types of users including, webmasters,SEOexperts,Bloggers,writers,advertisers.

Role of search engines has been drastically increased apart from providing search results to online users who are always seeking help on countless topics.

In the race of offering searching help to its users there are n number of search engines are available on theinternet today. Every search engine is trying to cater specific class of users and that's the thing where it all started customized, specific search engines for everything on the Internet. There are many types of search engines present according to their searching quality and capacity, such as web search engines, image search engines, video search engines, pdf search engines, torrent search engines, etc.

According to the search market share of each individual search engine, usages, unique monthly visitors-following are the top 10 search engines of the year 2011 according to a research published by






6-Duck Duck Go

7-Entire Web


9-Scrub The Web


To read in depth analysis of each of the listed search engine in the list of top 10 best and popular search engines for the year 2011, please visit the post

list of top 10 best and popular search engines for the year 2011

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