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Force Unleashed II Demo Available

Microsoft has confirmed that the demo for LucasArt's Star Wars: theforce unleashed 2 is available now on the xbox live marketplace. It is a very pefect for the players.I have played many times, feeling like a badass jedi and that's fine .

In case you want to check out the demo for star wars:theforce unleashed II, you can now download to your Xbox 360! I'm not faulting the game for its easy difficulty but dull enemy AI and unbalanced combos make the game a perfect example of button masher because after all, all you do is mashing 1 or 2 buttons to get through levels. Annoying quicktime events and inability to skip some of the cutscenes are minor issues compared to loose combat design.

How's calling a button masher by its name misunderstanding? You probably have your own definition of "button masher" but I've already given my reasons. As for the 1st game, it's just a glorified tech demo for Euphoria.

Well, I for one really, really enjoy feeling like a badass jedi. So I had a blast with the demo last night. Particularly the force rage bit - that was fun.

Betrayed by Darth Vader for the last time, Starkiller has escaped and faces a new journey to find his true identity. Unleash fury – wield dual lightsabers and new force powers to crush your enemies. Unleash truth – sequel to the award-winning story, continue the epic Star Wars saga;Kinda feels like playing the (far superior, imho) Genndy Tartakovsky clone wars shorts. That's not going to be for everyone...but it sure is for me!

Experience the explosive action and engrossing story in the brand-new demo for Star Wars®: The Force Unleashed II™. Assuming the role of Starkiller, players go to the iconic clone planet Kamino and come face-to-face with the Ultimate Dark Lord, Darth Vader. Prepare to use even bigger powers and new dual lightsaber moves to survive an onslaught of enemies in the epic saga that is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. Unleash Truth in the full game on October 26.

Enemy AI's dumb as brick and slow. Starkiller's ridiculously overpowered with insane AOE attacks(add force fury mode to that and it's all show-off, no substance) which do not require any skill or effort to pull off.(usually done by pressing 1 or 2 buttons) And I mean even regular attacks are like that. So anyone can spam AOE to wipe the floor with enemies including boss. And all this can be done in the hard difficulty.(unleashed difficulty is locked in the demo) In fact, playing on the hard difficulty was a joke to be honest.

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