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DNA Test in India: Gives you Peace of Mind

OTS & Services announced today that is has completed 2 years of excellent DNA testing services throughout the nation and neighbouring countries. With the increasing demand of DNA testing and Paternity tests in every major metro cities, DNA Test India is well positioned because of its large network to take advantage of the increasing need for its services that are coming in nationwide.

DNA Test India started out providing DNA testing services in Hyderabad only and began offering its services out from there. Today, it does not matter what city you’re in, with the help of an aggressive marketing firm, managed by Ms Ritu, OTS & Services has gone form a local company to a National one. DNA Test India services can be found in any city where DNA testing is needed. “It was our vision, said Ms Ritu, DNA Paternity Test Consultant for OTS & Services, to be able to provide the same quality, free consultation and customer service to every one of our clients whether in Chennai, Kolkata or Mumbai.”

We guarantee our clients that we can get them peace of mind. Our tests are 100% accurate when it comes to excluding any man as the potential father and 99.9% accurate when identifying a man as the biological father.

In addition to paternity tests, the DNA Test India offers a multitude of services to its clients. For example, immigration DNA testing, Sibling DNA Test, DNA Profiling, Grand Parentage Testing, Prenatal Paternity Test, child support or termination of child support DNA testing, Estate or inheritance DNA testing, infidelity DNA testing.

At the DNA Test India, one of our more popular tests is infidelity DNA testing. Every month, there are several infidelities DNA tests being requested where clients bring discreet samples for testing. This is a very accurate and affordable way to gather the proof needed as to whether or not your partner is cheating.

If you are in need of a DNA test for legal purposes, the results of our formal DNA tests are guaranteed to be admissible due to the verified "chain of custody." The chain of custody refers to the various chains of "hands" that the individual sample passes through. A legal chain of custody requires the samples to be collected in the presence of a third neutral party at a lab or hospital facility where all parties are photographed to verify their identity. We have testing options for every sort of situation, legal level no matter what city you’re in.

People who are not familiar with DNA testing are always concerned with how they get the other persons DNA? DNA testing has become so sophisticated today that when looking to do a DNA test you can pull DNA from just about anywhere. For example, DNA can be collected from Blood & Blood Stains, Semen, Spit, Chewing Gum, Cigarette Butts, Used Condoms, Plucked Hair, Toothbrushes, Coffee Cups, underwear and Urine.

It doesn’t matter if your partner is cheating, you’re not sure who the baby’s father is, you’re in need of immigration services or you’re looking for peace of mind, the DNA Test India can help. For more information about DNA Test India, call (91) 9963629998 or Visit our website at

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