Simmons Lrf600

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5 Superior Factors for Getting Simmons Crib Mattresses

Simmons is a mattress company that has established its reputation for producing special feels on their crib mattresses by combining different grades of latex with plant foam. Because the possible ways to combine these are many, Simmons crib mattresses offer you a wide choice of mattresses as far as your preference regarding supportiveness and softness are concerned. Simmons also prides itself for using only organically renewable resources, thus helping to maintain the ecological balance in our world.

Simmons crib mattresses and tencel cloth

This cloth is derived from wood pulp. Being biodegradable, tencel cloth is no trouble to dispose of and will not further augment the worlds ever-increasing non-biodegradable waste dump. Besides its obvious advantages for the environment, tencel cloth is also silky and resistant to wrinkling. It is easily washed and even easier dried, being thin and light. This means being able to maintain cleanliness in your infants crib without exerting too much effort or wasting a lot of time.

Simmons crib mattresses and their latex foam

The natural latex foam used for these mattresses is guaranteed to be high grade. This means that the foam has all the beneficial qualities of the finest latex. It is fire-resistant and it repels mites and bacteria. Simmons crib mattresses only use the finest open celled foams for their products. This ensures that their items are durable and will stay in good form for a considerable time. The latex foam is the superior part of this double-layered mattress. It provides good support for the body of the infant and promotes the best development of the muscles and bones related to good posture.

Simmons crib mattresses and their plant oil foam

To provide an enhanced cushioning effect for the baby, Simmons mattresses are fitted with a lower layer of soft plant-oil foam. Besides increasing the comfort of the baby, this lower layer helps to keep the latex layer in good shape. That is because the amount of compression it experiences is minimized by this buffer of soft foam. Obviously, the more plant foam your mattress has, the easier the latex conforms, not only to the baby's body contour, but also to the baby's movements in the crib.

The wood used at the base of Simmons
crib mattresses

If you are getting one-sided mattresses from them, you can be sure that the base is made of wood taken from renewable resource. Buying Simmons helps keep the world's resources in a state of balance.

Simmons mattresses may also be reversible

Simmons also makes mattresses that can be flipped over on either side. One side is made with a different texture and feel from the other. This makes it easy to adjust the mattress to the needs of the growing infant. By just purchasing one Simmons
crib mattress cover
, you have all you need up until your child has outgrown the crib.

If you are looking for organic mattresses, Simmons crib mattresses should be on top of your list of options. They use fabrics made from wood pulp and only the best natural latex and plant foam. No chemical additives are used. They are the perfect environment for your growing child.

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