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Bushnell Medalist Laser Rangefinder - The Ultimate Golfer's Companion

Regardless of the small size, it is fairly an impressive device. Thanks to Bushnell's PinSeeker technologies which combines consistency and pinpoint accuracy, you can range up to 300 yards (?? 1 yard of accuracy) to a flagpole with no having to use reflectors. Besides that, you can also range up to 600 yards to a tree, and you can even range up to 1000 yards with the support of reflectors. The rangefinder also boasts a 5x magnification.The compact, lightweight Bushnell Tour V2 is far more than able to aid you to find objects on the golf course accurately within five to 1000 yards of range. Using the PinSeeker mode, users can quickly acquire the position of a flag and will not get mixed up with the distance of an object behind the target. When the rangefinder spots two objects, the device will only show the closer topic on its LCD display. This rangefinder also attributes a Scan mode. Working with this mode, the device with continuously update the distance between you and the target you scan while you pan across the golf course.The Bushnell Tour V2 is powered by a 3-volt battery. It is covered by a rubber armoring which permits for effortless handling by users. You will also get a premium carrying case. There are three editions of Bushnell Tour V2 Golf Laser Rangefinder to decide on from: the Regular Edition, the Slope Edition, and the Regular with Cart/Bag Mount. The Normal Edition of Bushnell V2 is readily available in two color choices (silver and white), the Slope Edition is only offered in silver, although the Normal with Cart/Bag Mount model is only available in cherry red. On the other hand, you can personalize your laser rangefinder with your preferred colors by making use of the Bushnell SKINZ Accessory for Tour V2 which can be bought separately. The silicone rubber skin gives the device additional protection from incidental bumps, impolite drops, food grease, and so forth. The SKINZ is offered in six entertaining bright colors: Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, White, and Yellow.A rangefinder is utilised to aid golfers to figure out the distance to a particular point on a golf course accurately. It has grow to be a should have accessory for amateur and expert golfers alike. Bushnell, 1 of the leading rangefinder manufacturers in the world, introduced the PinSeeker 1500 Laser Rangefinder to the public in 2006. As opposed to other range finders in the industry, Buy Bushnell Laser Rangefinder is extremely uncomplicated to use. Another great thing about the is that it provides you access to the most innovative technologies applied on the courses nowadays.

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