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A 1200-Calorie Diet Menu That’s Tastier For Diabetics

What To Look For In Your Meals With A 1200-Calorie Diet Menu

There are several changes that people have to make when they are diagnosed as diabetics. One difficult change that presents itself is having to change, or even reduce, your eating habits. Don't worry though! You don’t have to be stuck with a boring diabetes diet by mixing it up with your own 1200-calorie diet menu.

A 1200-calorie diet menu not only helps you maintain your blood glucose levels, but can also help you lose weight. One of the important aspects of this diet is tracking everything you eat and how many calories you consume since those significantly determine how insulin and blood glucose react. 1200 calories is the ideal amount for people living with diabetes. You can get these calories from a variety of foods, given careful moderation!

When you go on a 1200-calorie diet menu, you need to start eating six to seven times daily. The six or seven times include breakfast, lunch, dinner and two or three snacks in between. Remember to adjust your carb intake with each meal accordingly with how high your blood glucose level is. The snacks you can eat depend on sugar and carb content, but they should not be more than 100 calories. Nevertheless, each meal can be prepared with a multitude of ingredients that are both low carbohydrate, low-calorie and delicious!

For your meals, you don’t have to completely take out all your favorite foods. For breakfast, you should focus on high-fiber, low-fat, natural items. One thing you can eat is cereal with 1% milk and fruit that has low-concentrate juice. Every once in a while (but not too often), you can even have some waffles, muffins, and French toast. Feel free to indulge in low-fat protein foods such as turkey bacon or scrambled eggs! Keeping that in mind, breakfast should not have more than 400 calories.

When it’s lunchtime, use all-natural ingredients when packing your meals so you can control the calories. You can get great pre-made lunches by Lean Cuisine or Budget Gourmet as they are low in calories and fat. Also stay away from salty deli sandwich meats that will increase blood glucose irregularities and build up the calorie count. Lunches should be around 300 to 400 calories with an emphasis on lean meats, low-sugar and healthy carbohydrates.

When it’s dinner time on the
1200 calorie diet menu
, you should focus on your proteins, such as chicken or fish, seasoned vegetables, and desert (a baked piece of fruit). With the chicken or fish, sauté it without using salty spices or cream-based sauces. As a substitute, use herbs such as oregano or parsley with a bit of olive oil for seasoning. All of this will be enough flavoring for a delicious meal at 400 calories! Now, you can be on your way to improving your health and maintaining your diabetes using these components of a 1200-calorie diet menu!

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