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Modern Technology and the Feedmill Control System

Batching control systems are a major part of many industrial applications. They can be used in the manufacture of medicines, adhesives, petroleum products and many more so you can see that there is a wide variety of automation control systems needed for the different fields. What suits one will not suit another, different type.

In agriculture there is always the need to have a feedmill control system for many different applications to mix various components of cattle, sheep, horse or poultry feed to a specific ratios so that it is suitable for various stages of livestock growth and production. Or it could be to measure the intake of the raw product into silos or other storage facilities. Farmers and agricultural workers depend on being able to access feed for their stock that is always uniformly mixed with just the right components.

Even makers of commercial dog and cat food need to have automated control systems to ensure the dry pellets and other food they manufacture is exactly the same all the time. Thus, pet owners can choose the right one for the needs of their pet, whether it is in the growth stage, the production stage or the mature stage of life.

These days, modern technology aids in the production of animal and even human food with many software systems available so these control systems can actually be run from a computer. This avoids any possibility of human error in the production of pet foods or food for farm stock such as cattle, horses, sheep and poultry.

Getting just the correct software will enable producers to be sure that their feed is mixed to just the right consistency with the right ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fat, along with the right amount of bulk product. These ratios have been scientifically worked out to give optimum nutrition to animals at various stages of the life, and so the feed needs to be mixed properly to comply with such standards.

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