Uag Rubber

FRANCK MULLER CASABLANCA Black Dial rubber strap

In the past thirty years, I never found the charming flowers more found no flowers,
FRANCK MULLER CASABLANCA Black Dial rubber strap
the strong and nobility.A heavy snow in the cold winter la month, long signaled the thorn plum flower vase amaranthine in my house.

Many flowers spring spring fall, in a hurry. Only thorn plum "pine-covered greenery branches red" beauty has been decorated with the balcony of my home,
making it the envy of unique scenery everyone.Her spirit was deeply attracted me, infected me.Her more than a foot high, and thorns, green leaves and that the four seasons 1500-2000 guard or dredging or dense always lush, vitality.

Every autumn, chill gradually thick, tender flowers cold did not arrive, and hurried off, hidden in mud. At this time, but the branches of a plum stabbed to pick up a bunch of cluster bloom too conspicuous peak green flared floret, these flowers small and exquisite, very liked. Her first by the green color of yellow, with a petal, she grew up in the color yellow thawed light kermes on in green or so light kermes aggregates the petals of colorful fickle surprise. Petals grow as penny size, don't know what time, yellow-green unexpectedly went quietly, she all hidden and replaced not too bright-coloured red petal delicate to reveal in the branches. Although this flower petals, only two petals on also regularly some spots.

But is such two petals let ennobled me. They don't you pressure me, I will not press you, nor ring falls flat row, but you lined with me, and I hold you up and bathes center diangong several golden stamen, femininity. These flowers like the arms of my parents happy crowded together. If I could hear them joy frolicking sound.More unusual is that these days, the color of the flower by light kermes into red gradually. Don't know when I HuangRui out from the side and bracts, lightsome ground made one in the first layer of the above, the petals on a layer of double disc again the shallow red flowers.

Some days again, and again from the second petals on a layer above again, such double petals arose in three or four layers. Open The original appear frail flowers become rich gas and have administrative levels feeling. So the infant to flowering of endlessly without excessive crave, only need to separate on a time have some water moist.

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