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The Process of Police Recruitment by Police Recruitment UK

Police Recruitment
explains the police recruitment process to be fully understood by those aspiring applicants.

They explain to the applicants the process of police recruitment for them to really know all the details. If they understand the whole process they will pass the police test and interview with flying colors.

They will explain everything so that applicants will have knowledge on what to expect during the
police recruitment

They will even include the
police role play
to give an insight on what to do and how to react to every situation.

The Police Application Form
– this is the first stage in the police recruitment process. This is also the first step to become a police officer. If applicants will pass this stage, they will be asked to attend an assessment centre where they will be challenged and tested physically and mentally.

The Assessment Centre
– the
police test
assessment will last four to five hours. It is standardised across all 43 forces in England and Wales. So regardless of which police force they are applying, they will still take the assessment.

Medical and Vetting Checks
–after the assessment the force will then carry out the necessary security and financial vetting. Applicants will complete a medical history questionnaire and do a mandatory drugs and alcohol test. They will then be evaluated by medical experts.

Police Fitness Test
- they will test applicants if they are physically as well as mentally fit to become police officers.

As a result aspirants will receive a “candidate feedback” report on how they performed during the police test assessment process. The assessment centre has been designed to ensure that applicants are assessed on each of the 7 competencies relevant to the role at least three times.

For details about the police recruitment process visit

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