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Bugle and Cow Calls in Elk Hunting

Elk hunting is more difficult these days, as elk herds have gotten smarter at evading capture by hunters. The pressure that hunters put on elk leaves the animals no choice but to adapt to human danger in the wilderness. One of the signs of this danger is the growing number of elk calls performed by hunters.

Elk calling is a skill that can be learned by any hunter in Colorado. Elk hunters do understand that bugle and cow calling lead to disastrous results for an elk hunting trip, so hunting guides use tactics on the proper delivery of these calls instead. Modern calls have a lot of renditions, but the technique involves knowing when to make the call, how to deliver it, using the right call based on the situation, and when to end the call.

Since elk are incredibly vocal animals, Colorado hunters equip themselves with this knowledge in order to achieve a successful hunting trip. Common bull elk calls include bugle and raking. Bugle calls are used to locate bulls during pre and post-rut seasons.

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, you’re likely to notice that bulls tend to rub, rake, and thrash their antlers against small trees while ripping up the ground with their hooves during pre and post-rut seasons. You can imitate these sounds by doing the same with a tree branch or an actual elk antler. Go to an area where fewer hunters go, to increase the possibility of luring bulls.

On the other hand, cow elk calling is done differently. Cow elk calls include normal cow calls, excited cow calls, soft chirps and mews, and alarm barks. During pre-rut seasons, a normal cow call is most effective in locating the bulls. During the peak of the rut season, experts from
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advise using an excited cow call to lure bulls closer. This call is best delivered when the hunter is near the herd.

Bulls often halt at approximately 50 to 100 yards, so experts from
Colorado hunting outfitters
advise using soft chirps and mews to coax bulls closer. This encourages the bulls to get within your range. Once the distance is close enough for you to take a shot, you can use an alarm bark to get the bull to stop. When these calls are delivered properly, a more successful hunting experience can be achieved.

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