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I am using Filezilla and I cannot access my files externally?

I have run into a problem where I am using Filezilla as a FTP server. I can share my files in house however I am running into problems if I want to access them out on the road. I have set my router to accept port 21 and I have typed in my external ip address 80.**.***.**5 but still I cannot connect.

Can anyone advise?

I was playing with this same thing the other day.

Make sure you actually forward port 21 in your router to the correct IP address(where your filezilla server is running). I'm running ddwrt on my router, it's under the NAT/QOS section.
You can also use an uncommon port on the external side. Like route 7000 external to 21 internal.

Make sure you create a user inside of filezilla server.
I was using XAMPP for the server. I clicked on the admin button, which brought up the shell thingy. Click on edit or something at the top and then add a user for yourself, and a password. make sure to not use "Administrator".

I have a domain name pointed to my home network. If you dont, just use the ip address of your external network. And specify the external port, in my case 7000.

A word of warning: I had this server running running for 3 days then I got home from work, looked at the admin shell thingy, and someone was trying to log into it!!!! WTF right! I did a ip lookup on the address and it was coming from China. Whether they were actually in china, or tunneling through is impossible to say. Anyway, you might just want to run it when you want to use it. You can use RDP or team viewer or something to start and stop it remotely. Also, again, be sure not to use Admin or anything like that as the username. Most these attacks are brute force using those kinda usernames.

Hope this helps. :)

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